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Disk1 08 Capture The Dream.mp3 3.903.03.03 02:55:52Stan BushCapture The Dream (Olympics)Call To ActionBuy @ http://www.bot0:04:08128S44
Disk1 04 Straight To The Top.mp3 3.703.03.03 02:53:40Stan BushStraight To The TopCall To ActionBuy @ http://www.bot0:03:57128S44
Uchitelx_bot-3-07-shagi_gizni-2.mp3 5.603.04.15 16:44:352001!0:05:53128S44
IQ.bot_-_Too_Bad.mp3 3.6IQ.botToo Bad2002DEMO
Micro_bot_by_droidboiler.mp3 08:20:340:02:20128M44
Sad_bot.mp3 1.302.11.11 03:04:110:01:24128S44
Bot-02-12-03-kuci-1st_set.mp319.703.08.09 07:05:070:20:34128S44
04chakis.mp3 4.503.01.08 07:52:11Chaki (rmx Of BoT)Chaki (rmx Of Books On Tape)Bossy Cow (Chaki's Cosby Mix)0:04:44128M44
AudioAdrenaline-GetDown.mp3 23:10:42Audio AdrenalineGet Down1999Underdog
DoughMain_Records_-_rythm_bot.mp3 0.602.07.29 23:50:160:01:26 64S22
Uchitelx_bot-3-03-otdat_sebya-2.mp3 4.703.04.15 16:44:332001!0:04:58128S44
Uchitelx_bot-3-04-valenki-2.mp3 5.603.04.15 16:44:342001!0:05:51128S44
Muppets - (Swedish Chef) --- Schwern 0.601.04.29 12:31:06Muppets - (Swedish Chef) --- S2000Encoded with EC's MP0:01:23 64M22
Russie Pavlov [BOT's], One Of The Ma 3.803.02.03 05:27:54Track 251998, AG# 385A93DE0:03:59128S44
Uchitelx_bot-3-09-amnesty-2.mp3 4.503.04.15 16:44:352001!0:04:45128S44
Min9-yes2dub.mp3 02:51:01Min9Yes 2 Dub99mikka@bot.coalnet.ru0:08:37 48S32
Uchitelx_bot-3-06-pencils-2.mp3 4.803.04.15 16:44:342001!0:05:00128S44
Disk1 02 Never Surrender.mp3 3.303.03.03 02:52:41Stan BushNever SurrenderCall To ActionBuy @ http://www.bot0:03:29128S44
Disk2 02 TF TM Main Title (Alternate 2.503.03.03 02:57:58Vince DiCola W/ Stan BushTransformers Theme (Alternate)Transformers: The Movie ScoreBuy @ http://www.bot0:02:42128S44
Uchitelx_bot-3-08-love-2.mp3 16:44:35...2001!0:05:17128S44
Uchitelx_bot-3-01-cubana-2.mp3 5.503.04.15 16:44:33Oh, Jah Satta-Massagana2001!0:05:45128S44
Uch-Bot-Valenki.mp3 5.601.10.24 15:54:09Uchitel' BotanikiValenkiOt Zari Do Zari0:05:51128S44
Uch-Bot-Tochka-na-Karte.mp3 5.401.10.23 07:24:21Uchitel' BotanikiTochka Na KarteOt Zari Do Zari0:05:38128S44
Disk1 03 Hold Your Head Up High.mp3 02:53:09Stan BushHold Your Head Up HighCall To ActionBuy @ http://www.bot0:04:26128S44
Bot, The Bus With Legs - Insanity (P 4.403.09.04 11:22:47Bot, The Bus With LegsInsanity (Peyote And Plunderin2000
The_boy.mp3 08:26:30Larry O. Dean & The Me DecadeThe Bot Who Fell Too Far FromGentrification Is Theft0:03:15128S44
Bot, The Bus With Legs - Beginning ( 11:21:32Bot, The Bus With LegsBeginning (Driving Around In T2000We got born one day, and now we0:02:19128S44
Uchitelx_bot-3-02-addis-abeba-2.mp3 16:44:33-2001!0:04:24128S44
Donger-01-face-Desk_STRUM_Stunt.mp3 23:19:47Donger! The Amazing Takeover BotFace-Desk STRUM Stunt2000+B *!*@*May not be distributed except un0:04:13128S44
Retardobot2000Facade.mp3 1.602.12.31 07:32:05Retard-O-BotFacade2001Cassette Tape0:01:44128S44
Bot-Garden.mp3 16:04:020:01:24 96S44
Chaki-bot-bossycowmix.mp3 23:21:22Bossy Cow (Chaki's Cosby Mix)Books On Tape0:18:58 64M44
Bot, The Bus With Legs - Violence (R 11:23:07Bot, The Bus With LegsViolence (Return Of The Ex)2000
Bill_Worley_-_Gruuvy_Bot.mp3 7.0Bill WorleyGruuvy BotTitle0:07:22128S44
Muppets - (Swedish Chef) --- Schwern 0.601.04.29 12:31:06Muppets - (Swedish Chef) --- S2000Encoded with EC's MP0:01:23 64M22
Uchitelx_bot-3-05-pasha-2.mp3 5.803.04.15 16:44:342001!0:06:05128S44
Disk1 06 Critical Mass.mp3 02:54:36Vince DiCola/Stan BushCritical MassCall To ActionBuy @ http://www.bot0:01:05128S44
Uchitelx_bot-3-10-black_horizont-2.m 6.803.04.15 16:44:362001!0:07:06128S44 9.5Das LotronRob.bot0:09:55128S44
Uchitelx_bot-3-11-ganja-2.mp3 6.403.04.15 16:44:372001!0:06:44128S44
Bot, The Bus With Legs - Wandering ( 5.903.09.04 11:24:46Bot, The Bus With LegsWandering (Senseless In Seattl2000
Disk1 01 The Touch(1997 Remix).mp3 02:52:20Stan BushThe Touch (1997)Call To ActionBuy @ http://www.bot0:04:24128S44
Uchitelx_bot-18-06-tu_menya_vulechis 5.303.04.17 09:28:02...1997Live - 23.02.19970:05:36128S44
Injury-ExplosionBot.mp3 22:13:16InjuryExplosion Bot2002
Uchitelx_bot-9-06-tu_menya_vulechish 16:44:47...1997Live - 31.05.19970:05:29128S44
Disk1 09 Total Surrender.mp3 02:56:34Stan BushTotal SurrenderCall To ActionBuy @ http://www.bot0:04:25128S44
Bot-02-12-03-kuci-2nd_set.mp323.503.08.09 07:19:400:24:31128S44
The Polleys - Hate Bot Like Lisa Yes 1.700.07.27 19:22:27The PolleysHate Bot Like Lisa Yes0:01:46128S44
Uchitelx_bot-10-01-tu_menya_vulechis 4.903.04.15 16:44:49...1997Live - 07.09.19970:05:09128S44

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